Natural Hair vs. The Workout

Now I have heard all the excuses about working out and “my hair”. However, I must say that in the battle of natural hair vs. the workout, natural hair wins! Well for me at least! (I would love for others to weigh in!) Now, I don’t wash my hair after every workout although, if I could I would, its just not convenient.  I wash every three workouts to eliminate build up on my scalp and of course feel the nice clean, but fully moisturized feeling that I love to experience after washing my hair. The enjoyment and satisfaction that I get from working out totally trumps any ill feelings towards having to wash and restyle my hair as it gives me many opportunities to try new styles at my current length. One less excuse I have when workout time comes!


Product Review: As I Am Naturally

So here it comes, another product review! This time featuring a product line I have fallen in love with, As I Am Naturally. Talk about moisture!

There are three products in this line which I have used and have placed in my hair regimen permanently.

Coconut Co-Wash

This product by far is my absolute favorite! The co-wash is creamy, has a lot of slip, and has a light coconut scent.

I have used this product in two ways:

#1: As a quick co-wash, distributing to all sections of my hair, lightly scrubbing my scalp, detangling*, and then rinsing out.
#2: As a deep conditioner, distributing to all sections of my hair, detangling*, leaving on for 10-15 minutes under a plastic cap, then following with a light scrubbing of my scalp and then rinsing out.

(*Detangling while this product is on the hair is very easy and I recommend breaking down your hair into sections at this point if you have not done so already.)

Both methods give great results and leave my hair feeling soft, moisturized, and manageable.

Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner loves my hair and I love leave-in conditioner, especially this one. This product is my go-to leave-in conditioner.  It contains extracts of coconut, amla, sugar beet root, green tea, lemon, apple, sugar cane, phytosterols, and saw palmetto which all help to moisturize, strengthen and support hair growth. When applying this product do so in sections to ensure even coverage from root to tip.

As far as styling, I have gotten great results using this product in combination with an oil (argan) or butter (shea). The leave-in conditioner has not reacted with other products that I have used and does not produce any flaking when dry.

Hydration Elation

This product would be considered, As I Am Naturally’s intensive (deep) conditioner and to get the best results it should be used as such. As I Am recommends that you leave the product on for 15 to 30 minutes with a plastic cap and to add heat if you choose. I concur with their advised usage directions as I usually leave this product on for 45 minutes with a plastic cap while sitting under the dryer. After washing out this product hair feels soft, moisturized, and its natural sheen is restored.

After using all of these products I have noticed that I am seeing less hair in my wide tooth comb when detangling and styling my hair.

Have you used these products? If so, please comment.

Big Chop – November 12, 2012

So finally after almost a year of transitioning I big chopped on November 12th, 2012. I must say it was a truly liberating experience and I am in love with my hair. Dealing with the the two textures during my transition was tough so to ease my “pain” I turned to protective styling with weaves and found Curlformers which allowed me to seamlessly blend the two textures effectively. I am looking forward to trying a variety of different hair styles at each stage of my hair’s growth and documenting with length checks every 2 months.

Current Length:

Front: 4″
Front Side: 3 1/2″
Side: 4 1/2″
Back: 4 1/2″

Curlformers Review

This review is so late, however since I have used this product many times now I can now give a full review for those who are transitioning.

Let’s start with the cost of this system which runs you about $70 (Sally’s) for one of the pre-assembled kits or approximately $100 if you mix-and-match the individual packages of Curlformers (8/package). One important thing to note is the Curlformers sets do not include the styling hook which costs and additional $4.29 (Sally’s).

Moving on to the actual use of this product and the results:

When you initially use this product you will have to get used to using the styling hook and develop the technique for threading your hair through the Curlformer. To a newbie this can seem challenging but, trust me you will get the hang of it rather quickly and be able to proceed on from there. Since I wanted a soft but lasting set I tried using my normal Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In conditioner after washing my hair as well as Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey on each section of hair before placing it in the Curlformer. After partially drying under the dryer and then allowing the rest to air dry, the set was too soft turned out to be too soft and quickly dropped by mid-day and by the evening frizzed.

The second use went about the same because unfortunately I believe I was suffering from some kind of temporary amnesia because I used the same exact styling products again, except once my hair was dry and the Curlformers were removed I sprayed my hair with Ojon Elastik Flexible Finishing Hair Spray (which I love!). The hair spray helped the hold to last a lot longer however once I slept on it even after placing my hair in a pineapple the frizz returned.

They say the third time is charm and it was, per a specific recommendation from a friend! Lottabody and Argan Oil was the key to the perfect hold! When using the Lottabody make sure it is diluted correctly and do not over saturate the hair, otherwise the hold will be to stiff and breakage can occur when removing the Curlformers from your hair. Using these products the style lasted for five days without becoming to frizzy. My nighttime routine for preserving this style was a simple pineapple wrap with a silk scarf and then the take down in the morning was just a simple fluff and the possible separation of the curls to increase the volume.

The Curlformers create a seamless style for any transitioner. The set that is achieved with this product blends the two textures flawlessly and I highly recommend this product to anyone whether journeying or fully natural!

*Have you used this product? If so, please let me know your opinion of the Curlformers and your experience with it?