Halley’s Curls – Virgin Malaysian Hair

Halley’s Curls – Virgin Malaysian 12″ & 14″

Transitioning styles are plenty, however time is not! The task of coming up with hairstyles leaves me at a loss. The choice is to weave! There is a first time for everything and this will be a first. Weave or wigs or braids, have never been my thing, but I never knocked it. Per the recommendation of a close girlfriend, a woman whom I would call a “weaveologist,” I purchased Halley’s Curls Virgin Malaysian since their Salon Relaxed was OUT OF STOCK. Being a newbie I was skeptical at first until I received the hair. The hair is gorgeous and soft as well as very similar to my relaxed texture!

Hydration Bath

Halley’s Curls shipping turnaround time is very quick as I ordered on Wednesday and was in receipt on Saturday. HC provides very detailed instructions on how to prepare the hair for installation which includes a hydration bath with Dove Intensive Hair Conditioner which smells great and makes the hair feel fabulous!

I am in love! At first I didn’t know what to expect; didn’t know how long the process would take or even what was involved, however, I enjoyed every moment. Feyi owner of Lush Manes did a fabulous job on my install! I feel like a new woman and highly recommend her. The install took just under two and half hours and to me that was quick. This is new experience for me and I am sure my alter ego is bound to show up soon!


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