Contemplating: The Big Chop

Research. I have done a lot of research. Thought. I have done a lot of thinking. Decision. The jury is still out.

Between the YouTube videos and the numerous websites that I have visited to research everything from transitioning slowly to taking a giant leap and cutting off all of my relaxed hair I find myself still stuck on making such a “big” decision. Length shock would go into effect almost immediately for me, however on the other hand chopping it all off may be liberating. Are my facial features strong enough to pull off such a look? (Of course they are, smile!) My train of thought has lead me to think if I chop it all off and I dont like it I can always cover it up, right?

Over the past two months I have become acquainted with protective styling. I am no hair stylist and dealing with two textures of hair is not my forte, so I turned to a weave. Weave has become my new best friend as the ease of getting up and doing barely any styling before walking out the door is just up my alley. After two months, I am SOLD, so if I decide not to chop I will try a new look, with a new texture of weave, create an alter ego, embrace it and continue to contemplate: the big chop!


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