Product Review: Jane Carter Nourish & Shine

So after all the praise I have heard about Jane Carter products, I decided to give them a try myself and I just had to write a review on the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine. Simple stated: I love this product! The Nourish & Shine has a butter-like texture and the fragrance is a pleasing sweet grapefruit scent. The shea, illippe, and mango butters, which are the main ingredients in this product, make my hair feel so soft, and these butters are know for their conditioning properties. After using this product your hair is also left with a glowing shine as well as it helps reduce scalp dryness.

I used this product when doing my twist out as well as my daughter’s and both styles came out very well. The curls were bouncy and full of life; best of all there was no frizz!

The only drawback to this product is the price which is $21.99 for 4 oz. However, a little of this product goes a long way, so 4 oz. will last you a while.


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