About Me

The “new-new” when it comes to the curly world as I am the last person in the world who thought she would become a curly girl. Subscriber to all styles “a la creamy-crack,” I am glad I gave up the addiction and embarked on this journey as it has been rewarding.

My last encounter with CC was in November of 2011 during one of my “save my money” stents where give myself a touch up in Salon Kristin aka the Laundry Room. However, this time it didn’t go as well as all the times prior and I was left with a bald spot at the back of my head due to my not washing the CC completely out. So this helped me break the addiction, so me and CC parted ways and the transitioning began.

Now transitioning was a trying time for me and there were times where relapsing (CC) would have been so much easier, however I persevered with the help of protective styling (good ole long hair don’t care…weave) and my discovery of Curlformers. On November 12, 2012, I released myself from the curse of two textures and big chopped revealing my natural curls.

Entering into the natural world and finding other natural’s experiences and opinions of products to be truly helpful, I have decided to share my own. Please supply me with your feedback and experiences in response to the posts here at Naturalle Curls.


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