Product Review: As I Am Naturally

So here it comes, another product review! This time featuring a product line I have fallen in love with, As I Am Naturally. Talk about moisture!

There are three products in this line which I have used and have placed in my hair regimen permanently.

Coconut Co-Wash

This product by far is my absolute favorite! The co-wash is creamy, has a lot of slip, and has a light coconut scent.

I have used this product in two ways:

#1: As a quick co-wash, distributing to all sections of my hair, lightly scrubbing my scalp, detangling*, and then rinsing out.
#2: As a deep conditioner, distributing to all sections of my hair, detangling*, leaving on for 10-15 minutes under a plastic cap, then following with a light scrubbing of my scalp and then rinsing out.

(*Detangling while this product is on the hair is very easy and I recommend breaking down your hair into sections at this point if you have not done so already.)

Both methods give great results and leave my hair feeling soft, moisturized, and manageable.

Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner loves my hair and I love leave-in conditioner, especially this one. This product is my go-to leave-in conditioner.  It contains extracts of coconut, amla, sugar beet root, green tea, lemon, apple, sugar cane, phytosterols, and saw palmetto which all help to moisturize, strengthen and support hair growth. When applying this product do so in sections to ensure even coverage from root to tip.

As far as styling, I have gotten great results using this product in combination with an oil (argan) or butter (shea). The leave-in conditioner has not reacted with other products that I have used and does not produce any flaking when dry.

Hydration Elation

This product would be considered, As I Am Naturally’s intensive (deep) conditioner and to get the best results it should be used as such. As I Am recommends that you leave the product on for 15 to 30 minutes with a plastic cap and to add heat if you choose. I concur with their advised usage directions as I usually leave this product on for 45 minutes with a plastic cap while sitting under the dryer. After washing out this product hair feels soft, moisturized, and its natural sheen is restored.

After using all of these products I have noticed that I am seeing less hair in my wide tooth comb when detangling and styling my hair.

Have you used these products? If so, please comment.