Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Rinse Out & Leave-In Conditioners

Being a long grow-out transitioner I have had to try all sorts of products to get the two textures to “work together” ultimately trying to achieve some kind of harmony on the top of my head. This product review should really be titled “Renewed Love” because that is exactly what I have for the Cantu Shea Butter line of products. I used these products when I was relaxing my hair faithfully, however, I didn’t like the end result when using them on my solely relaxed hair. After using the products along with others in my regimen, my hair felt clammy. However, now that I am transitioning, and using these products together, I love the end result.

The Cantu Shea Butter Rinse Out conditioner, I use as a deep conditioner. I place the product on my hair and then cover with a plastic cap for at least 30-45 minutes. I find it best to detangle my hair while this product is on as the comb moves through with ease. After rinsing the product out my hair feels moisturized and soft. The shea butter in this product nourishes your hair by coating the hair shaft from root to tip.

The next product I use in this regimen is the Cantu Butter Leave-In Conditioner Repair Cream. This leave-in conditioner is the! It helps with the definition of one’s curl pattern and leaves your hair soft as well. Hair is not weighed down or clammy! In addition, since using this conditioner I have also noticed a decrease in breakage, which is one of the claims the company makes about this product.

This regimen has aided in my transitioning which I find challenging at times and I recommend these products to anyone who is in this stage of their natural hair journey.


Product Review: Jane Carter Nourish & Shine

So after all the praise I have heard about Jane Carter products, I decided to give them a try myself and I just had to write a review on the Jane Carter Nourish & Shine. Simple stated: I love this product! The Nourish & Shine has a butter-like texture and the fragrance is a pleasing sweet grapefruit scent. The shea, illippe, and mango butters, which are the main ingredients in this product, make my hair feel so soft, and these butters are know for their conditioning properties. After using this product your hair is also left with a glowing shine as well as it helps reduce scalp dryness.

I used this product when doing my twist out as well as my daughter’s and both styles came out very well. The curls were bouncy and full of life; best of all there was no frizz!

The only drawback to this product is the price which is $21.99 for 4 oz. However, a little of this product goes a long way, so 4 oz. will last you a while.

The Struggle

Transitioning is a struggle for me especially since my hair has gotten a dose of creamy crack just about every six weeks since I was 12. My problem is styling and I must admit that it has been challenging; so challenging my friend has been my beloved ponytail. So my new plan of attack on this transitioning stage is to cut an inch or two off my hair this month before I weave it up for an entirely “new do”. Then we will see what happens after that…


November 10th, 2011 was the day of my last encounter with Creamy Crack aka Relaxer. CC was my friend until it truly betrayed me and took a small area of my hair with it and left a crucial burn at the nape of my neck. Now, don’t get me wrong I have been burned before but I have never lost a small patch of hair like I did this time. I wish I had a picture to show you!

Most if not all my girlfriends have turned to their roots and have embraced their natural hair, so now it is my turn! I have chosen to make this change as part of my plan for 2012.
So I was feeling on my new growth today and I must say I love the feel of my little curls. I almost have an inch of new growth and although it is only a little bit I must say I am excited.
We will see how I fare!